Interview with Thompson Gaines

After the primary's over and you're going through the general election, what was it necessary to do now to make sure that the momentum continued and that you got the vote out? What did you have to do?


Well, it was just, ah, it was just a, a matter of continuously, ah, like I guess any other game in life, it was just, ah, talk it up, ah, ah, and ah, the City of Cleveland or the City of ah, ah, Glen--I mean the, the section of Glenville and all other parts where Blacks lived there were a number of street clubs. And, ah, someone would volunteer to be a guest speaker or, ah, the club itself would invite an emissary from the Stokes campaign to speak. And ah, ah, these people would be volunteers. In other words, we had a core of voluntary speakers. Ah, there were people who would give teas, and on a given Sunday afternoon there would be maybe, ah, 14, 15 teas and, ah, a guest speak would--would do, go there. When I say a tea, a gathering of people and a guest speaker would, ah, appear and speak on, ah, Carl B. Stokes' behalf. And ah, many cases Carl B. Stokes himself would appear, ah, as, as much as it was physically possible for him to do. And this is the way we kept it up.