Interview with Thompson Gaines

We're in early November now and Seth Taft is really rising in the polls. You know, this '67, are you afraid that, are you losing hope, do you think that Stokes might lose and what do you do?


No, ah, We never gave up hope because I guess, we, we were, we were very loose in this, ah, ah, endeavor because we had nothing to lose. Ah, actually we had, ah, I had witnessed and all of us had witnessed more unity. Carl B. Stokes had, had brought more unity amongst the people of Cleveland than, than I had ever witnessed. And, ah, losing, ah, really wasn't, ah, part of my thought at the time**. It was a fact that we had, ah, managed to come this far, ah, in unity and, ah, that, ah, just to be truthful, the thought of losing, ah, didn--really didn't cross my mind.