Interview with Thompson Gaines

It's November 3rd, 1967, that's that Sunday. Taft is rising in the polls and it seems like he may beat Stokes. Were you ever afraid at that time?


No, ah, I felt that it might be close, but you remember in, ah, '65 the only reason we didn't win in '65 was because, ah, we had the, the number, ah, enough people to, enough Black people with the support that we were getting from Whites to elect Stokes ah, in '65. So, ah, the only reason that we didn't win in '65 was the fact that, ah, a number of registered peop--ah, people who were registered to vote did not turn out because they didn't have the confidence that he could win. But with this almost win of '65 you see, we had the enthusiasm there and the sa--they would not, we were, we knew or we felt rather that they would not make the mistake and not come out this time, ah, to vote for Carl B. Stokes. So I felt it would be close but I never--