Interview with Thompson Gaines

And, ah, again about the coalition, what were some of the groups that came together that helped Stokes in this campaign? What were some of the groups?


Well as I, I said before, um, there weren't too many named groups. The Congress of Racial Equality, ah, played a major, many of their members played a major part, let me say that. But, ah, as group wise, ah, we it was not a, ah, organizational things. Ah, I often said that we were the best disorganized organized group of people. You see these people, ah, just came off the streets, and housewives, and factory workers and people who were dedicated to this cause. But as far as a, ah, a group, I would say that, ah, the ministers, some of the, ah, ministers, ah, were with, supported Carl Stokes, ah, but I wouldn't say that that was the deciding factor. This was just a grassroots movement and I, I really can't give credit any particular, ah, organization as such, other than the, the man, the little guy, ah, the little woman in the streets. I, I just can't contribute this, this ah, success to any, ah, established organization.