Interview with Thompson Gaines

What did this unity that you spoke about, what did it mean to you?


Well it meant to me that this was, ah, a, a step for people in the right direction. As, as I said before there, there was not, ah, not only were Black people in this movement, there were White people, and we thought this was going to be a step, ah, the first step in a series of achievements for people united for a, for a better world to live in. It wasn't basically all Black, ah, we, we had ideals that we could foresee in the future. Ah, people in, ah, all sorts of, ah, governing capacities simply because they were qualified, ah, not because of their race, creed or color. And we thought this was symbolic of what America could become, not only Cleveland but what America become, 'cause all of, of America, ah, I guess and some of the world was watching this happening in Cleveland.