Interview with Thompson Gaines

And we're just going to go back to that question. Were you surprised when people questioned Carl Stokes' competence? I mean what would happen, did you have to convince people to vote for Carl Stokes, that is Black people, when you were working in the wards, when you were working--


Yes, ah, in many instances we did because you see, ah, Black people ah, for so long have, have been subconsciously taught that they were inferior. Ah, Black people were never taught in history, ah, their heritage or, and their achievements. For instance, ah, I, I was out of high school before I discovered who Crispus Attucks was, you see. Ah, I was out of high school before I discovered who, ah, Booker T. Washington was because, ah, we were not taught this in the schools that I attended, we, you see--