Interview with Thompson Gaines

How did you use what was going on in the south, the southern civil rights, southern voter registration movement as a way to motivate people in Cleveland to come out to vote? How did you use that?


Well we, we brought out the fact that, ah, pardon me, we brought out the fact that, ah, there must be something to, ah, the opportunity or the privilege of voting or else, and we would point out that people in the south were giving up their lives, sacrificing themselves for this right, being abused, ah, driven off of, off of their farmlands, off of, ah, sharecropper farmlands because they were seeking to vote. Now we pointed out to the people, ah, that if these people feel, are willing to make this big of a sacrifice to register to vote, and here in the North you have this opportunity, why can't you. And this worked in a number of, in most cases. This was enough leverage to get the people to vote, to register to vote.


All right, I think that's great.