Interview with Ed Gardner

What, ah, what does it all mean? Since you were inspired by Dr. King. Got Harold Washington elected, Black mayor of Chicago, which a lot of people thought was impossible. Tell me something about the legacy of this and the meaning for young people.


Well, you know, I, I think, ah, the election of Harold Washington was the results of a product produced by Dr. Martin Luther King back in the 1960s, '63 and '64. He was really responsible for our company. Now if there hadn't been the motivation and the desire and, and the dedication that particularly young southern Black folks showed to us in the north that they made so many sacrifices under Dr. King's leadership. If they can do this, why aren't we doing more? And so we built that business so that we would be in position when the time came to elect a Black mayor of the city of Chicago. We had the millions of dollars. We had the strong Black minds who knew how to market and, and sell products. They knew how to market and sell a candidate too. And these all took place because I say, what Dr. King started back in the 1960s.