Interview with Ed Gardner

Tell me why you admire Paul Robeson?


Paul Robeson to me, ah, was one of America's greatest heroes. Ah, America must look to this person as one, no matter how, well, how badly he was mistreated by America and he was mistreated in a, in a worst form you could possibly as a person to be mistreated. We mistreated Paul Robeson. When I say, ah, when I say we, I mean America did that. Here is a man, a scholar, an athlete, an artist, respected throughout the world yet America didn't respect him. And yet he still clung to the feeling that this is a great nation and we felt that, ah, very little has been said in the past about Paul Robeson dedication to what America is all about. And he took the, he took the heat many, many years ago when it wasn't fashionable to do it and he made the sacrifices. As great a person as he was, yet America did not respect him. So I think when you see what we see, in Soft Sheen Product his, his picture, his, ah, salutatorian speech there. Those were all things which we want White and Black folks who come to this company to read and know and to respect that great American.


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