Interview with Ed Gardner

Was there any opposition, resistance among the Black middle class to this effort?


Well, you know, the, the Black middle class was not in opposition but they were, some of them were a little slow in coming around. Those who had been aligned, the political ones I'm, primarily, who had been aligned with the previous administrations. They didn't believe that we could do it. Didn't think that we had the, the dollars to, to register that many votes or the creativity to know how to do it. So they surprised when we did it. And there were some reluctant politicians who were a little slow in coming around but the middle class, ah, Black community with a few dollars, they came by much faster because they were really non aligned. But, ah, once the little people got the excitement going in this city and they were the masses, then those with the dollars soon began to follow. It is just one of the most exciting periods in the history of the city of Chicago.