Interview with Ed Gardner

Give me that story again how you went to Operation Push.


OK, well you know the, the theme of the voter registration campaign was, come alive October 5. And that was the big date. If we could have registered those 250 thousand new Black voters, that total is we had a chance of becoming, having a Black mayor for the first time. So, on that night, we had on 47th and King Drive a outlet where we have something like 40 telephones. And those folks, the little people now, were manning those phones all day long. I walked in those phones were just ringing like the dickens. And, and I said, well guys, looks like we're going to have a victory. So that night I came back to see just how things were going. I went into Operation Push around 10 o'clock at night. And they were surprised to see me, here Ed Gardner now, this fellow owned this multi-million dollar company now. He's come taking the time out at 10 o'clock at night to come by and see how we're doing and to thank us. I walked in, I, I thanked them for all the support Operation Push had given us and all the people who support the program at the very beginning. And they were just surprised first to see me. And they said, did you come by yourself? I said, "Yeah, I drove." Ah, and they said, they seemed to be apprehensive about me being there at that time of night by myself. So when I left they said, "Mr. Garner we're going to walk you back out to your car, thanks for coming." But it showed how we were really together as a family and very much concerned about one another.