Interview with Garcia Jesus

Can you describe the, ah, reception that Harold got when he came to the community, that one you were telling me about.


We had opened up an office for Harold in the ward and, ah, it was kind of a humble setting, it was kind of small. It used to be a beauty shop I think. And he came on a Sunday afternoon. It was kind of cloudy out. And people had started to sense that this thing is really building up. People were starting to sense that even if we didn't win the election, we're winning here. There's a sense of victory. We, we've already won and man if we pull it off, like, we have really won. Harold came. It was kind of cloudy and drizzling a little bit. We had our posters out there. There were children and little babies out there and we had our el sol sale, the sun rises for the Latino and then Harold Washington and the sun. He looked like a bee, bee, ah, with the, with the yellow and Black. It was a great poster and he came out of there, there was a mob there. We don't know where all these people came from. We expected 50, 75 people there. It just grew and grew. He went inside, did his little ribbon cutting. It was so packed he couldn't cut a ribbon. You know, we had the kids there with their buttons on and they were going wild. So, we had to take him out of the office. We paraded him for about a block and a half and the crowd just kept getting bigger and bigger. We don't know where all, huge signs were there and people were just ecstatic about it. We knew that we were on to something then. I mean people just went and worked the rest of that week until victory day.