Interview with Garcia Jesus

Tell me about that one particular person, her transformation.


The '83 campaign changed a lot of people, a lot of us. It took people from where they were at and it elevated them to become leaders who had to look inside themselves because they were going to be leading people, a movement and one example that just makes me, just feels so good about how far we've come as a result of the Harold Washington campaign and movement, there was a woman in, in our, in our ranks who, really didn't know Black people, ah, knew a little bit about the music because, you know, at the parties and that. But had not really known Black people and was fearful, had some racist, prejudicial attitudes, ah, toward Blacks and after getting involved with the Washington campaign, after meeting Harold Washington, it just totally changed her reality because, I think he touched her as a, what a great human being, what a great Black human being, hell, what a human being. So, let's leave the Black out and just deal with that. And she went from being, I think, fearful of Black people to understanding why she had been fearful because she didn't know them, getting to know not only him and feeling good about knowing him but also wanting to extend that to them, to the people.