Interview with Garcia Jesus

So what happened to you during that crises?


Well, I went through another change, another big transformation. Ah, I was a guy in the neighborhood who considered himself kind of popular, knew a lot of people, ah, was kind of a hip guy, I was, you know, in to it. Could talk about anything that people wanted to talk about, serious or music or style and fashion. And, ah, I had to go through some big changes. I always used to tell people after I became a candidate for office that some of the biggest sacrifices that I had to make were right up here. Used to have some mean sideburns, all the way down here and pointy like boots and I had a little goatee that I'd never shaved since it first came out. That was, that was my pride and joy. And in 1983 I had to shave it off. I remember, took the family out, we went, ah, out for about on a week-end and I told my wife, you know, this really means a lot to me. So, we went out so that I could shave it and not have to worry about having a, a White spot there, so I could get sun on it and put suntan, ah, lotion, because I'm kind of light skinned. So we did that and we had to go and get some sport coats and ties. As a matter of fact we checked out a couple of second hand places because we didn't have money to buy regular, you know, suits and sport coats. So, ah, there were a lot of changes that people went through. We were really transformed.