Interview with A.G. Gaston


A. G. Gaston:

He was a brave young man. He took the blunt, I got him out of jail many a time. He was he was trying to integrate the school. The night that Martin King was in jail over here, when he wrote the letter about the Birmingham jail, Martin was in jail, over here, and Shuttlesworth was uh, had his, beat all up, and had to come down there bloody and everything, and then it was fixing to have a mess in this town. It was at that time I got Arthur to go there and get, get Martin out of jail. Well, the group didn't want him to get out of jail, because the longer he was in jail, it would inspire the movement to move, so we got Martin out of jail, and we got Shuttlesworth straightened out, and that saved that situation that night. I believe maybe the next day though, is the time that march started. I believe that time they started in the park, out there. Bull came down there with the hose pipe. But, uh, Shuttlesworth was a, was a leader. He was the one who led the organization that brought King over here from uh, Atlanta.