Interview with Paula Giddings

Can you just talk a little about that.


Well, Howard had been, I remember this, being confronted with the kind of situation where men, ah, when you passed by men, especially as an underclassman, as a freshman, sophomore, they would actually give you a grade. I mean, to you, you know, they would talk among themselves and say, Well that's an A or that's a B. There was, ah, a lack of respect in, in, in lots of instances. And there was a, a, a terrible degrading sense a, about all of that. Ah, and what Robin did, was not only in terms again of race but also talking about the role of women and what they should be doing and talking about and being taken very, very seriously, not just, not because of any physical attributes but because of her mind. And this I, I think was as important as, as the racial aspect of her campaign.