Interview with Paula Giddings

OK You're in Crampton Auditorium and its electric, what's happening?


I remember being in Crampton Auditorium the evening of the homecoming queen coronation and of course the auditorium was filled to capacity. I mean after all it was the event of the season. And there was electricity in the air. And I'll never forget the moment when we knew who the homecoming queen was going to be. I had been a secret ballot of course and no one knew beforehand. But what we all saw on the stage was the throne, high backed throne, ah, and the homecoming queen sat in the throne, on top of a revolving state that would revolve slowly toward the audience. When the queen was seated in the throne the lights went down, still no one knew who it was and as it began, the stage began to revolve, the lights began to come up slowly and what we saw, even before we saw Robin's face, was the silhouette of her Afro. And it was, everyone just stood up and screamed. I'll never forget that moment. And they began spontaneously to shout and chant, umgawa Black power, umgawa Black power, and finally a line was started where people would march to the rhythm of umgawa Black power and move all around Cramptom Auditorium. It was, it was a line that people would join as it went, as it circled around and I joined it too. And we finally circled all the way around and then out the door and across the campus and into Washington, D.C.


Perfect. Cut.