Interview with Tony Gittens

Can you talk about going into the Dean Snowden's office? First of all, talk about why you had such a problem with Dean Snowden, what was it about his attitude toward the students or what he represented?


Dean Snowden, um, he's a chap I, I, I never, I can't say I know him ah, but he represented ah, total ah, Black Harvard mentality all the way through. Um. There was nothing nationalistic or really um, Black about him. Um. Now, I know they're, I, I hate to like pick him out but at that time he was the person who personified everything that we did not like about the university. He had all of his degrees from Harvard. Now, this is not to say that that's bad. You know, it's not to say it's bad. I want everyone to get an excellent education. Ah, and his expertise was in the Greek, ah, the Roman classics. You know. And he was dean and um, he, he had a snobbishness about him that just rubbed ah, not only the students but a lot of the faculty the wrong way.