Interview with Tony Gittens

When you mentioned the Afros, was there a problem when people were wearing Afros on campus?


Well the first woman, the first person who cut her hair into an Afro, she did that, she was very involved in the Civil Rights movement. She did that, and reports all kind of animosity on the part of the dorm mothers as they like to call themselves, and her faculty. People who said, you know, "Child, you should just go straighten your hair again." Ah, then there was, there were always problems with women especially, with Afros. And then there was the whole issue of when Robin Gregory was chosen homecoming queen. And Robin had an Afro. And that brought about all kinds of furor on the parts of people who felt that, you know that was just totally inappropriate. That in fact it was ugly. And as a result she took a lot of heat for it.