Interview with Tony Gittens

What, describe the rally in going into Dean Snowden's office, when you throw this manifesto on his desk with the flag.


All right well we decided to have, after we developed the manifesto, we decided to have a rally. And, ah, to tell peop--to students, to say to them what are demands and are stand was. And, ah, we went and we lowered the American flag that was on campus. And then we took the flag and the manifesto over to Dean Snowden's office. Just walked in, didn't, just barged into his office. There was, ah, there about, there were a number of us. 20, 25, 50 students there. And we put it on his desk. He was quite shocked. He was absolutely shocked. He was shaking, he was trembling. And, ah, then we just told him that his time had come. That ah people like himself and again focusing on him, not as a person, as a personality, but as a symbol that people who had the attitudes that he had, that their time had come. That they had just spent, that they'd done their due and it was time for them to sort of move on and make room for more progressive attitudes towards what Black people should be doing in this country. Ah, and we did that. Ah, I remember shaking my finger at Dean Snowden. And him just sitting there trembling. It was quite an experience for both of us I'm sure. And, ah, then just leaving. Just walking out and leaving him there.