Interview with Tony Gittens

And if you could talk about the negotiating team. How did you decide that, about the negotiating team that there would be so many women on it?


At some point the university trustees and admninistration, they wanted to ah negotiate. They wanted to sit and talk with us to find out what was going on. And, so we put together a negotiating team. And the team was headed by Adrienne Manns**. And some other folks there. And, ah, it was quite interesting that a lot of women were on the negotiating team. And the reason was, one is that, ah, people like Adrienne and, and, and Carol were just so bright. I mean they were articulate and bright, and was, were able to go toe to toe with anyone in terms of a debate or in terms of the discussion about negotiating something. And then another thing is that a lot of the men tended to like to be in front of the camera. A lot of the women tended to like to, ah, maybe not be in front of the camera and to get along with the work that needed to be done. Ah, so that's why we had a lot of women on the negotiating team and all through the demonstrations and the organization that we did.