Interview with Tony Gittens

Why did you end the takeover? What did you, what did you accomplish?


With the takeover, ah, we jus--a couple of things happened ah that made us want to, to end the take--the takeover. Ah, one was that we had gotten a lot of what we, we said that we came in there for. We told them what we wanted and the negotiations were very successful in our regard. We had made a very strong point about it. You couldn't see a lot of reason to stay there outside of just being belligerent. And we thought that that would be immature, you know to do that. Ah, and so we decided that as we chose to go in that we would be adult and mature and responsible enough to choose to go out. And, we talked about it, at length, and came down one morning, and just made the announcement that we felt that it was time to go. And we had an open microphone, ah, there were no press there, we put all the press out, as far as we knew, and we had an open mic and anybody could come up and say whatever they felt about it. You know, and there were some people who felt that we shouldn't go, and then the vast majority said that we should go. We took a voice vote, and so we walked out. And we just left the place. We cleaned it. Ah, put everything as much back in order as much as we could, as we recalled it and we just walked out that day. And students went back to the dorm and we went back to doing what it is we did before we went in.