Interview with Tony Gittens

Why did you start the manifesto? I mean, what was it that made you say we've got to to something now?


Well there was no, there was no real clarity at that point. Ah, there was an emotional kind of resentment towards the way we were treated and the lack of ah, role the students were, Black students were playing um, in changing society. And the manifesto was a way to put into words, to codify what it is we were about, what specifically we wanted, what it is that we wanted. And what, if we did not get, we were going to go further, be, be more active about getting. Um. So we demanded in the symbolic way the resignations of the president of the university and some of his lackies. Ah, and it was totally, it was specifically we wanted ah, these people gone um, because ah, they represented ah, a school that had been more in the way than it was um, progressive. Um, we, we demanded ah, that ROTC, the compulsory ROTC be abolished. Um. Matter of fact, we got everything we wanted ah, after many, many months and years of struggle. Um, and there were about ten of these demands that we had. And the reason was to codify exactly what we wanted and to have people rally around these causes.