Interview with Ernest Green


Ernest Green:

Well when we finally got in the school, uh, I do remember that the uh, a number of students, uh, jumped out of the windows, the segregationists. That they refused to uh… attend school with us and uh, we were guided to our homeroom and our, our, our classes. Uh, and I was in the Physics class. And a monitor came up from the principal's office, and told me that I was to go to the principal's office. When we got down there the other eight students were there. And at that time we were told by the principal that uh, uh, we would have to be sent home for our own safety. That the uh, police were having difficult holding the guards, uh, holding the mob back at the barricades. And that if they broke through, they could not be responsibly for our safety. They didn't have enough protection. So we were whisked out of a side door. And uh… went home. And I didn't have any idea how big the mob—mob was outside the school until again, until after, after we got home. It was almost like being in the eye of a hurricane. You never uh, saw all the turmoil around you. Inside it seemed quiet, the school was quiet the students were friendly. The teachers seemed helpful. And uh, we were ready to, after three weeks ready to go ahead and uh… with our class work. And uh, catch up with the work that we were behind on.