Interview with Ernest Green

DID ANYONE BREAK [unintelligible]?

Ernest Green:

Well the incident that uh, that uh… helped us out was with Minnie. Every time we went to lunch uh, we were always hassled and heckled by a number of uh, of white kids. And we were standing in the lunch line, Minnie, myself, two others I think. And this, Minnie is about five foot ten. And she was tall at that time. And uh, in high school. And there was this white kid. He couldn't have been more than five foot four, five foot five and he was behind Minnie, he was gon nigger [?] her to death. Uh, and she had just gotten a bowl of chili from the cafeteria and, and without even blinking an eye, Minnie turned around and took that chili and dumped it on this dude's head. [laughter] He standing there the last "nigger" coming out of his mouth with chili rolling off his face and, uh, with that, the school board suspended Minnie. Uh and part of it, you know, which was the attitude at that time that somehow we were supposed to be so stoic that we weren't to retaliate to any of this. And finally uh, after the suspension they uh, moved to remove her from school, and Minnie went to school in New York, finished up the uh, other uh semester, outside of Little Rock.