Interview with Ernest Green


Ernest Green:

Yeah. The, uh, morning that we went to uh, went to school, uh Daisy had uh, called us all up to meet at her house. And, uh, eight of us showed up. Elizabeth wasn't there. We got to school, we were at one end of the school, 14th Street and Elizabeth was at the other end, 16th Street. Neither group knowing where the other was. Because it's a big place. Two blocks separating it. And uh, we just made a cursory kind of attempt to, to enter school that morning. Elizabeth uh, attempted to go through the guards and had the mobs behind her. Uh… it was only with the help of uh, this woman, her husband was on the faculty of Black College there, Filanda Smith, who escorted her to the bus, and finally saw her home, did Elizabeth really get out of any uh, physical danger, of the mob really uh, doing physical harm to her. And none of us knew that until we got uh… home that afternoon and were uh… we met at Daisy's house, Elizabeth there, she was in tears. The rest of us had uh… had not experienced anything like that.