Interview with Reverend Dana Greeley


Rev. Dana Greeley:

What did I know about Martin Luther King before Selma? You challenge me to uh, recall a little bit. I'm not sure that I knew a great deal about him before Selma. I'm quite sure that we had met, but I'm not sure uh, at the moment whether we had met more than once or twice. Uh, I think mat—I think Selma might have been up to that point, was my closest contact with him. We were together many times after that uh, in this country and at uh, the second uh, Pacem in Terris Conference in uh, in Geneva and uh, upon various occasions. But I think that that must have been my closest contact with him up to that point. I think I knew plenty about him, not plenty, never plenty about him, but I think I knew a, a good deal about him up to that point. And when, when this telegram came appealing to us to respond, it wasn't novel to me by any means. Either with respect to the cause, or with respect to him personally. I guess that's the best uh, recollection I can give you with regard to my acquaintance with him at that time. Actually, I, I should say that although I didn't know it, he attended my church in Boston quite a number of times when I was uh, preaching there and he was a student at the uh, Boston University School of Theology. I didn't realize who he was then of course, I'm sorry to say. I would've put him in the pulpit and sat in the pew.