Interview with Robin Gregory

And what happened? What was the response?


Pretty negative. You know, well, I came back home, and I was wearing my hair like that, and my family was pretty horrified. And, um, I got a lot of comments from people on the street. You know, they, people got angry about it. You know, it was like I was exposing a secret. Um, that was the first reaction. That, that reaction went on a long time because I didn't have a lot of company. You know, there weren't, there weren't other people doing it. Maybe one or two other people were doing it. Well, there was one person in particular who had worn her hair like that for a year prior to that, or maybe even two, and that was Mary Lovelace, who was, who was Stokely Carmichael's girlfriend at the time. So, you know, there was, there was a precedent, you know, before that, so. But the response was pretty negative.