Interview with Robin Gregory

Do you remember your coronation? Can you describe what happened at the moment that your victory was announced? How did that unfold? How did the students learn that you had won?


Well, there were a series of events, that you had to do this series of things in order to campaign. And our, ah, approach to it was to put as many Black images out as possible. You know, um, Black men and women who were wearing natural hair styles, who were accepting that image for themselves. And, I think that most of the, my, my co-candidates didn't believe, you know, they couldn't take, they didn't take me seriously. They were real irritated by the fact that I was making it a political campaign. So, the night of the coronation, actually, we were all standing back stage, and no-one really had any idea who was going to win. I mean, sometimes, I think, in these things somebody knows. But when they announced my name, all the other women were really shocked. They just were flabbergasted. They couldn't acc-- they couldn't accept, you know, that someone looking like I was looking, right? I mean, the way you're looking at me now, I mean, you can't perceive it. But, you know, the, the style then was, it was a short, natural hair style that was, you know, it was Afri-