Interview with Robin Gregory

So, what did you do?


Um, I with a number of other students put together a demonstration. He was supposed to speak in the auditorium, and we weren't going to let him speak. I mean, that was the plan. So there were some people that had placards, and, and a whole bunch of us were spread out in the audience so that as soon as he would try to speak we would just jump up and start shouting things. And, ah, you know, one of them was "beast", and people sort of loved that word, and so they were shouting that. And, every time he would try to speak, someone would say that. And then at one point, some people rushed the stage, and, ah, that had a big aftermath, because I don't think that he was able to speak at all, which was what we were trying to do. Um, on the heels of that, he was hung in effigy on the campus. So we were trying to focus on things that we thought were important issues, that, that the sleeping middle class students of Howard University should wake up to.