Interview with Robin Gregory

So, how did you make the decision to change your hairstyle, and your way of thinking about it?


Um, when I was at the 1964 Democratic Convention in Atlantic City. Um, that was the year that, well, it was the end of the Freedom Summer. It was when they found the bodies of, ah, the three Civil Rights workers that were slain. And, we were at the convention at that time, and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party had come, ah, to speak at the convention, and try to run a delegate, Fanny Lou Hamer. And some of the women that came from the South were wearing their hair in a natural. And I was really, um, turned on by that image. You know, that, I felt it was an affirmation of being who we were. Ah, there was, the energy was very high, um, emotion was very high. Getting a sense of who we were and what we were doing in the context of history was really acute at the time. And I just decided that I was going to, to wear my hair that way, and make a statement that way.