Interview with Robin Gregory

I just want to ask you one more question, which is, is there any other recollections of, of Howard being transformed that, that just speaking about these years has brought to your mind and if, there's anything else you want to share about how people were awakening to a, to a new identity, to a new cultural and political struggle?


Well, there was a lot, there were so many things going on in that period of time, um, like I said, the Black Power movement was just coming into being, there was a lot happening internationally, in terms of how it was going to impact on Black people's lives, and I think that being at Howard, you know, the students were the ones that were, that were getting a lot of the, the energy moving there, but they had to begin to be aware of things, you know, you can't sleep for so long, you know, when, when a lot is happening around you. I just think that those of us who were on the campus, um, wo--we did wake up a lot of people, you know, it like forced them to look at things, whether they wanted to or not, you know, and it's hard to focus on anything specific, because when I think about it, so, so many events were happening, both there and in the larger community, you know.


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