Interview with Robin Gregory

Were there things that began happening after you arrived at Howard?


The first year, the first year at Howard was pretty uneventful. Um, I was just studying. Well, one thing I do remember was that the sort of, um, provincial, ah, mind set that was there. Like, one of the things that first happened when we went there was that all the women had a special assembly. And we were brought in, Patricia Harris was the Dean of Women at that time, and, ah, we had this lecture on etiquette, you know, and how we were supposed to dress, and how we were supposed to behave. And, you know, we were supposed to be ladies, and, um, you know, I didn't quite, you know, accept that for myself, and I didn't feel like I had to conform to that sort of thing either, because I didn't live on the campus. I lived in, in, ah, Washington D.C.,so--