Interview with Robin Gregory

What kind of events were going on, and how were you beginning to interact with--?


There was nothing going on in terms of, ah, well, I didn't like the social thing. I wasn't interested in the sorority-fraternity scene at all. I was, I was just there to study, you know? I had a few friends that came there with me, who, who went to high school with me and, well, essentially I'm sort of a loner anyway, so, um, nothing really happened for me politically until the next year, as a matter of fact. Ah, that summer, the summer between '62 and '63 I was working in a government office, you know, for the summer, and I heard about the March on Washington that next summer. And, that was really my first introduction. I worked on the March on Washington Committee, is what, is what it was. And, ah, I met a lot of people through that. I was in the strategic offices setting the whole thing up, before, during, and after. So that was my first introduction.