Interview with Robin Gregory

What was going on?


I was working in the SNCC office. I was the liaison in the Washington, D.C. SNCC office. Between the voter registration project in the south, Missi--Mississippi specifically, and the liaison part was that people would call me from Mississippi in the office to, ah, chronicle some of the incidents that would happen, so that I could contact Nicho--Nicholas Katzenbach's office, ah, the Attorney General's office, and report. And so they would send people down to the polls or where ever these incidents were happening. Ah, marshals, they would send down to either prevent them from happening, or to protect people while they were trying to register to vote. Ah, and that summer was the 1964 Democratic convention. And, I went there and some women from Mississippi came up and they were wearing their hair natural. And, so, I was real turned on by that statement, you know, and as a matter of fact, in the 50s I had an aunt who was wearing her hair in a natural. It was a real radical thing to do, and everybody in the family always talked about her, you know, so, um, so it wasn't, you know, it wasn't something that was completely foreign, the image itself, but it was exciting for me to see that somebody was doing it, and so I decided to do it, too.