Interview with Lawrence Guyot


Lawrence Guyot:

The fight about, the, the internal debate about whether or not to accept volunteers turned on the question of we had recruited people who for all practical purposes weren't very well trained but they could mobilize, they could talk to people, they could get people to do things in their interest, they could do everything that a, anyone who is supposed to be a trained organizer could do, they did and did well. But then when you start talking about bringing in white college students who can type, who can drive, who are very fluent, uh, that is competition. That is competition for turf, that is the way it was dealt with and the first day that the vote was not to have volunteers. Bob Moses put his reputation with us on the line saying—Dave Dennis chaired the meeting the first day in Greenville. Bob Moses came into the meeting the second day and said, look I'm not going to be a part of anything that's all black. This was a position that Bob would later change, but that is a position that he took and because of the weight that he, his posi—his strength and personality that he carried in that group the position was changed, the vote was changed, and the summer project became a reality.