Interview with Patricia Harris


Patricia Harris:

Oh yes. I… I were afraid, you know, like um… a couple times, you know, people that… it was long lines in marches, you know, and something might happen to the people up front that didn't happen to you in the back or something like that. And some of the times that we marched, you know, like some people would be out there and they would throw rocks, they would throw different things at us, you know. I was afraid of getting hurt, you know, per se but still I was willin' to march on to have justice done you know, I was really afraid because, uh, I had seen and heard about the things that could happen, the real bad things how one of these marches can really get out of hand and you know everybody would be fine. You know and I used to often wonder if one, if this broke out, what would I do, you know? Where would I run to, you know. So many people and everybody [ trampeding ] over everybody else, you know. What would happen to me? You know, and yet and still, I knew what was happenin'. I knew the conditions, you know. And yet and still I was willin' to, you know, continue and just go on and… just see what happens. I was willin' to find out you know, what would really happen. So I, I was really afraid, I was afraid. Because like, a lot of things you were called you know, and like I say, the times that rocks and cans and just balls just anything somebody can find, that you know, they would throw it at us and stuff. But you know, I wasn't afraid of this enough to just say, well I don't want to go on any longer, because actually I marched quite a bit. You know. Here in Birmingham. And like when I went to Montgomery and Tennessee and places like this it really wasn't a march then, it was one of the big meetings you know, you know, tellin' us like what we have to do as black race to try to make things better for us, you know. And at this time the police that were around were more for protection to us at this time, more so than against us. You know, they were there to make sure nothin' really break out I think, you know. And this was just, these meetings were just amongst ourselves as to tell us what we need to continue to do to make you know, things better. You know.