Interview with Patricia Harris


Patricia Harris:

My mother, when she was down at the, where downtown somewhere at one, at one time you know she was the firehose you know at the time when they were doin' all this, she was… in with that when they skeeted water on all of them, and then you know, the ones that were really being… aggressive, you know, the fighters, the movement workers, they were real aggressive, they even put dogs on ‘em. Well, she wasn't bit by a dog, but she was, one of the uh, victims of the water and after which they took ‘em all and locked ‘em up. They were locked up for not going, you know, when they told ‘em to leave, they wouldn't leave. They were determined to stay there and fight it out. So she was one of the ones that were locked up, you know. She were pushed around, she was pushed around but not really beat on, you know. She wasn't one that even though she was there at the time, you know, she just happened to be one of the lucky ones I think, you know. That didn't get you know, abused, you know like that. But she was put in jail and… water was put on her and everything but…