Interview with Patricia Harris


Patricia Harris:

Well I was quite young then. I guess I just stayed at home and just wondered when would she get out you know and really I guess I was really trying to figure out at that time what was really happenin' you know, what was really goin' on and a lot of it, my grandmother kept away from us ‘cause she didn't really want us to worry about what had happened to my mother, but you know, after we did notice she was in jail and my grandmother tried to explain to us what it was all about, you know, it worried me, it upsetted me and I wanted… I did go down there. We went down there to see ‘em, I remember going down there to the jail. To see ‘em but of course they wouldn't let any of us in. To see ‘em at that time, you know, we just stayed outside. I remember going down there, stayin' outside and we would say, we're not leaving until you turn the people loose. And until justice is done we will stay here, and I thought at that time, we were going to get picked up and put in, but they didn't bother us, you know. They told us that we had to go but our leaders would say, no we're not going. You know, so we stayed there, and you know, we waited and waited until finally they let all of the people out that they had locked up, you know.