Interview with Patricia Harris


Patricia Harris:

Well, it hurt, you know. True enough, you know and uh, I'm… you know the type of person that you know, I can take a whole lot you know and like today, you know, bein', my occupation bein' a nurse, I still see some of the things happenin, workin' with the white people. They call me nigger names, you know. And this type thing. But I've been around it long enough to, to understand the importance of not getting angry about it, but just trying to do things to make it better. You know. Just trying to um, keep working at it until you get people to realize that, you know, God put us all here, you know, you know, to live in a equal way you know. But I felt, you know, real bad about it and it hurt to know that you know, you had certain water fountains to drink from and certain schools you could go to, certain places you can visit, you know. But, I just had confidence that one day it would be better. And I think it's better. It is a little better now. Even though you still run into some of the same things that happened then.