Interview with Richard Hatcher

What did you think would happen if she came?


I absolutely believed that if Shirley Chisholm had walked into that hall, just walked into that hall, she wouldn't have had to say a word, and the entire convention would have gone up, ah, in smoke almost because, ah, there was such a great sense of pride that a Black woman had the courage and the fortitude, ah, to a- announce that she was running for the highest office, ah, in this country, and perhaps, ah, the most powerful office on earth. Elective office on earth. And, ah, she without a doubt would have gotten the overwhelming, ah, support of that convention, and I think in many ways, while her candidacy was significant and, and broke new ground, it would have been more significant and would have been enhanced by the kind of momentum that would have come out of Gary in support of her. But, ah, for whatever reason, ah, the decision was made that she would not, ah, not come to Gary. But even that debate was a very interesting, ah, debate. Should we go with, ah, a Shirley Chisholm? Should we go with, ah, ah, a Black candidate for President? Or should we, ah, ah, support, ah, the party that we had supported for such a long time, since 1932, the Democratic Party.