Interview with Richard Hatcher

You described his staff and how they worked together. Can you tell, describe a picture of that?


Well, just to give you an example, as I said, they were very hard-working, and would work for hours on end, ah, ah, without, ah, any real relief. And, ah, but if you watched them back in the rooms at this huge high school, ah, where the convention was held, ah, they would work, ah, for maybe an hour or two hours. Then they would take a 15 minute break, and the break would be to form a circle holding hands, and then they would begin to do chants and sing, for about 15 minutes. And it seemed that the music, the singing, the chants refreshed them, and then they would go back to the typewriters and work for another two hours. Ah, it was a pretty incredible sight. Ah, most of them, ah, wore these long White, ah, full-length gowns and turbans. Ah, they were just incredible people, and they, ah, they produced, ah, work that made it possible for that convention to go on and, ah, ah, for us to have the documents we needed when we needed them.