Interview with Casey Hayden


Casey Hayden:

OK. Uh, Bob Moses at the time had a capacity to help people come up with what they really felt uh, and really wanted. He wasn't a leader in the sense of uh, getting out front, he was a leader in the sense of empowering people, he had a capacity to empower people. He saw beyond uh, the material, I would say, he saw beyond, he was the big, he was a visionary, he saw in big strokes. So in his presence one could be that person, or if one thought one was that person [laughter], then there was a kindred soul there. So he was very uh, comforting, it was very comforting to work with him. It was as though uh, you were in the same psychic space with someone. And he could help all kinds of people feel that way. It had nothing to do with class, it had to do with uh, an interior self, that he knew about himself and could therefore relate to in other people.