Interview with Mary L. Hightower

OK, so could you tell us the story about the visit from one of your leaders?


Ah, yes, um, on the second day of our convention, ah, we had a visit from one of our leaders from Mississippi, um, and he had asked that we would, if he could speak with us, meet with the Mississippi delegation, so we met with this leader from Mississippi, and we were, you know, I really, when I think of our representatives, were disappointed because we had thought that this person was gonna coming up in support of our being there, but it turned out that this person was totally against our participating in the convention. In fact, he had made remarks of our being there in opposition to what we were doing in Mississippi, the whole fact that we were fighting to end segregation in Mississippi, to gain more participation in the Democratic Party, and he viewed our trip there as being totally against what we were fighting for there. But, it was, you know, it wasn't. We didn't view our trip there in that way, in that manner at all. As a matter of fact, we felt that there, going there would help us to be more participa- as leaders and as citizens to the Democratic Party and to the whole notion of ending segregation in Mississippi.