Interview with Mary L. Hightower

Now, how, how do you describe what you brought back to Mississippi from Gary. What, what effect did it have on your work?


Well, um, we were, we brought a whole new, we were motivated and we were able to go back and carry that motivation back to our county, um, we had a new incentive and a whole new idea to use in going back to our people and we were able to pass this motivation on down to our people and get them much more involved. And, um, I think one positive note that even helped us further was the fact that we got this visit from one of our leaders from Mississippi. We were viewed, we was shown over TV, in which our people back in Mississippi didn't understand the, the whole concept of what that visit was, but it was a positive on our part because they viewed us as being participants in the convention, and, it made us feel important, and, ah, and it made us be viewed as important people when we got back to our homes by our people.