Interview with Mary L. Hightower

OK, so, I'd like to have you give me a brief description once again of the roll call and how it made you feel, what it was, and how it made you feel.


OK, the, um, roll call was, um, an, ah, a way of identifying, you know, all the states and all the delegates that were participating in the convention. And once we were all inside the convention and, ah, seated, they began the roll call. And, the roll call really made you knew- at that point, you realized that you were, then, truly in the convention, you know, you were truly a participant in the convention. And I think it was, ah, it was excitement and anticipation and, and anxiety, all of this is all into one, waiting your turn for the roll call, you know, just hearing states after state being called, and, ah, delegates that were represented there, and, ah, it just looked like it took for the longest to get to Mississippi, our delegates, but once we grot- got through it, and, you could tell from the, the, ah, the answer to the roll call from all the state, it was just like, ah, ah, ah, the sound, people were answering with pride, you know, in answer to the name of their state, um, and each of us did, I think aro- all of us felt that way, um, during the roll call. And, this, after, at- a- during the roll call, another thing that came to mind that made you realize, that once they got through there, it made you realize the number of people that were participating in it, and just hearing the different states called throughout, I can't remember, ah, any state that didn't have representatives there, but, ah, it was, ah, a, a really, truly good feeling.