Interview with Mary L. Hightower

Now, you also, um, said that it made you feel that you were part of history.


Yeah, well, um, to really, um, um, the way, in the, well, let me go back and say that when we first were getting ready to go, um, the, the, it was just e- exciting moment to be going there and to, ah, be sent there by your counties, you know, to be representing in the state. But, after getting there and, um, really, ah, realizing that this is truly convention and really began to participate, then you, in your, would, your mind really began to wonder and you, and you think about, "I'm here, and I'm making history." You know, "This is a historic moment for Black people throughout the United States, and I'm a part of it." You know, "I'm from Mississippi and a little small, you know, county, but I am a part of making history here." And that truly was a good feeling, you know, I felt important and felt a pride that I, ah, that I had never felt before, and, ah, I felt very confident, and, this is the, you know, a, a feeling that I was able to leave there and, and carry back to my hometown, you know, carry back--