Interview with Mary L. Hightower

OK, so Mrs. Hightower, I'm going to ask you a long question for the first one just to warm up, OK? I'd like you to tell us what you were doing when the idea "Gary" first came around, what you thought Gary might be about, and what you hoped it might be about?


OK, what I was doing at the time the, the, ah, Gary convention was first brought before us, we were doing a voter registration drive in our counties and, ah, getting ready for 1972's county and district elections. So, um, what, actually, what we were, you know, how I felt at the time they brought it before us, um, really, we thought this was going to be something that would really, kind of, enhance what we were doing local, and, that r- it was just something new, um, new idea, new experience, and, and, and really, we didn't really know ex- ex- exactly what to expect, but, um, we were also hoping that it would be something that would help us to better what we were doing local.