Interview with Mary L. Hightower

Now, you also mentioned that there were some reasons why you thought that we needed to do this, could you go into that?


Yeah, well, um, I, we've never, in my lifetime, had experienced the, um, any, any, kind of resource from Black people, nationally, ast- ah, even throughout the states, and to, ah, we've never had anything that we could identify to say that we really as a Black race had accomplished, and there was no organized body of Black people, and, to me, this did all of that, you know, it brought together, ah, ah, people from throughout the state and it sh- it showed our people that we could really accomplish something and that, and we could really pull, ah, together a group of people and to organize these resources and, and, ah, make, ah, these resources beneficial to the people there and to our people back in, in our homes. And this, we, we, we were successful at doing this, and, ah, this is, a, a historic moment that all the Black people were proud of and, and could be proud of, and even to today, you know, that is a proud moment there that no one can take away from us, you know.