Interview with Mary L. Hightower

Now, if you had to tell someone the one most important thing about Gary, what would it be?


Well, ah, the, ah, the fact that we were able to pull together that convention and to organize ourselves and to really, ah, organize a group of people to, to, to carryout a successful convention and to leave there, ah, with a sense of duty and a sense of responsibility to carry back to each of our areas, and, ah, we gave ourself[SIC] a resource, ah, we opened up a line of communication that we'd never had before, and, ah, we gained a new experience. The, ah, ah, the experience of the things that we were doing back there, and it told us that once we got there, um, what we was doing right and what we was doing wrong and what we needed to do more of, um, this convention provided all this to us, but more than anything, it, um, let us know that we could accomplish something, you know, as, as a Black race, you know, that we could successfully accomplish something together, and this convention did that.